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The Youghal North Loop

A beautiful cycle from Youghal to Clashmore, Villierstown, Cappoquin, Lismore, Tallow and back to Youghal. This will also be a wonderful drive in a car, enabling more stops, more visits ( like Dromana House, Lismore Castle etc.)

Cycle  Youghal  Spins  1 – 5 

Cycle Youghal Spins 6 – 10 

In Search of the Old Countess   ( the 140 year old Countess who died after falling from a cherry tree)

About Kieran Groeger

Kieran Groeger is a retired teacher who is passionate about history and heritage and uses his bicycle to visit the wonderful places around Youghal which reflect the history of the area from early and prehistoric times right up to the present day. He is a member of Youghal Cycling Club  and the Amicale Cycliste Canetoise in France.

He has written a number of books about Youghal ( the Little Book of Youghal,  Youghal in Old Photographs ) , both of these are available in local bookshops and on Amazon. He has also written Youghal Heritage Trail  which is an interactive, free eBook available through iTunes. He has also written the Trial and Execution of James Cotter (Ireland’s notorious miscarriage of Justice), available on Amazon and Kindle.
Kieran Groeger

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