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Welcome to cycleyoughal  .. two words “cycle” and “youghal”!   You will find lots of bits and bobs about both on the website. If you enjoy please let us know.   There is a link below.  There are a number of spins in and around the Youghal area and stories of other spins… the Race Around Ireland, the Race Across America, the Virtual Challenges. Best to say, the author of the website is a relaxed cyclist with a passion  for history.

The Youghal North Loop

A beautiful cycle from Youghal to Clashmore, Villierstown, Cappoquin, Lismore, Tallow and back to Youghal. This will also be a wonderful drive in a car, enabling more stops, more visits ( like Dromana House, Lismore Castle etc.)

Cycle  Youghal  Spins  1 – 5 

Cycle Youghal Spins 6 – 10 

In Search of the Old Countess   ( the 140 year old Countess who died after falling from a cherry tree)
Kieran Groeger

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